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Have you had a claim rejected for Pet or Equine Insurance?
If you have made an insurance claim for Pet or Equine Insurance (not Personal Injury Claims) where the amount settled, if any, is lower than you believe you're entitled to, you may well be entitled to make a claim.
We may be able to help!
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Use our 'NO WIN - NO FEE' Service*
NO upfront fee
Our fees are 20% of the total amount reclaimed
NO VAT on top.
Since an insurance companies' main goal is to maximize profits and minimize payouts, they routinely reject or underpay claims submitted to them.

Do you believe the reason for the rejection of the claim to be unfair?

If you believe an Insurance Claim has been unfairly rejected we may be able to assist you in having your claim reassessed.

If the insurance was properly rejected it may be the policy was mis sold to you (ie you have an elderly horse or pet,
but were sold a full cover insurance policy) and we may be able to reclaim the insurance premiums paid to date.
We offer a No Win - No Fee service, if we can't have the decision overturned we don't charge you anything.  If we are able to help we charge 20% of the amount Reclaimed on your behalf, but there is NO VAT.
Tel: +44 (0) 1423 504408
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